Join Our SMART Scholar Team 

At SMART, we are looking for scholars who are driven and motivated to solve sport marketing problems. The currency of SMART is not dollars or cents, it's access to real-world data for academic publishing. This is the win-win of the SMART model.  In fact, we have studied this issue and have shown that engaging industry in research empirically advances academic outcomes of scholars. This is the 2 for 1.  SMART is designed to advance both sport business and academia through innovative and effecient industry-scholar partnerships.    

The SMART research team is inclusive and open. We are interested in working with a diverse range of scholars with the skills and experience to support our sport partners, and the academic credentials and motivation to make a difference to the discipline of sport marketing and management.     


For more information on the SMART program, please contact: 

Dr. David J. Finch
SMART Program Director