How We Help 

At SMART, we are looking for sport organization partners with sport marketing challenges. Whether you are a professional sport franchise, a amateur sport organization or organization that sponsors sport, we our goal is to turn the skills of the SMART team to help solve your unique challenge.  Becoming a SMART sport partner involves a few simple steps:  

Step 1:  Please complete this simple SMART application form. This application will give us a sense of whether your challenge is a good fit for the SMART. 

Step 2: If we determine SMART may be a good fit, we'll host a discovery session. In this session, we will explore and unpack your challenge.   

Step 3: If following the discovery session, we both determine that SMART is a good fit to support your organization we will move to the problem definition and research design stage. In this stage, we will work with you to further unpack your problem and develop a proposed research study that will assist in answering this question. This nature of the research design will vary and depend on your problem, but could involve one or more of the following: 

·        Analysis of current archival data you already have

·        Collection of new quantitative data (e.g. survey)

·        Collection of new qualitative data (e.g. focus groups or interviews)   

During this stage, we will also determine which category your project fits into: 

·        Collaborative Project

·        Student Project

·        Consulting Project

Step 4: Critical path and budget review and approval. As a SMART sport partner, you are responsible for all the hard costs for collaborative and student projects. In most cases, these are relatively minimal, but it will vary depending on the scope and nature of the project. For these projects, there is no costs associated with the research team's time. Rather, the research team retains publishing rights to the research outcomes. In all cases, the sport partner organization and geographic location of the study will be fully concealed during publishing. If the scope of your project is defined as a "consulting project" (e.g. it has no academic publishing potential), you will be responsible for funding the research team's time to complete the project.

Step 5: Project execution. The schedule of the project will be defined by the critical path agreed to in Step 4.        

Step 6: Project report. The research team will develop a comprehensive project report for each partner. This report will include the findings from our study and the implications and recommendations to your business. 


For more information on the ACTIVE CITY PROJECT, please contact: 

Dr. David Legg
Co-Chair, The Active City Project