SMART scholar collaboration

The SMART program is based on facilitating academic collaboration, based on a breadth of academic interests and skills. All academic collaborators who participate in SMART projects with industry partners are required to sign confidentiality agreements with the industry partner prior to engaging in this project.

All academic collaborators will agree to adhere to the following SMART authorship policy:


SMART defines authorship as: 

Authorship means playing a fundamental role in the creation of the manuscript to be published.

Authorship involves having a substantial intellectual contribution to the conceptualization and design (including instrumentation, process, or materials development), data collection, data analysis, and creation of the manuscript.

Author ord er to be based on merit by the lead/first author.


All research for publication from SMART must follow the process below:

For any potential article or conference presentation, the SMART Program Director (or designate) will send a note to all active SMART scholars requesting interest to be an author on the paper/presentation.

Any SMART member can ‘opt-in’ or decline to be an author on the proposed paper/presentation. A non-response will be assumed to be an opt-out.

A lead (first author) will be determined by the group.

All other authors will be allocated responsibilities and work to complete.

Prior to submission to journal/conference, only authors who complete their responsibilities will be included.

The author order will be determined by the lead/first author in consultation with the authorship team. Any disputes will be resolved by the SMART Steering Committee.

 In cases where the article builds on previous work, authors of the previous work may be given authorship without additional effort if the authorship criteria are met.

If an author who is not a SMART member is to be involved (e.g., PhD student, colleague), the approval of the first author and the SMART Program Director are required.


For more information on the SMART program, please contact: 

Dr. David J. Finch
SMART Program Director