ActiveCITY Governance


The ActiveCITY Collective is governed by a Community Board composed of a diverse range of community leaders from across the active economy and are committed to maximizing ecosystem collaborating to shape the future of Calgary’s active economy. Refer to the full 2019-20 Community Board list at the bottom of this page.

The Community Board has established a Governance Committee and three working groups focusing on different priority areas. The working groups are open to participation by the full ecosystem.

Ecosystem Engagement Working Group is focused on growing the collective by mapping the future regional ecosystem and inviting them to participate in the ActiveCITY Collective. This group is chaired by David Legg.

The Public Engagement and Communications Working Group is focused on developing and executing with our partners over the next year, the largest public engagement program in the city’s history. This group is chaired by Jason Ribeiro.

The Valuation and Impact Working Group is focused on mapping and quantifying the direct and indirect impacts of the the active economy on the Calgary region. This group is chaired by David J. Finch.

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All three working groups are supported by the ActiveCITY research team, composed of researchers and students from a variety of North American institutions.