Kick-Starting Our ActiveCITY

After the failed plebiscite for the 2026 Olympic & Paralympic bid, many challenged whether our city is still committed to sport and recreation. The ActiveCITY Collective is our response to this challenge, but we know being a global leader will not happen accident. It will only happen through collaboration, planning and commitment. To kick-start this, we hosted the inaugural ActiveCITY Summit on September 18th, 2019 at WinSport, where 300 Calgarians engaged and discussed the future of Calgary.

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What these attendees all had in common, whether they were not-for-profit, for-profit and public-sector organizations or individuals engaged in Calgary’s regional active economy, was a desire to collaborate, debate, learn and connect to shape system wide solutions. The Summit was just our first step. The ultimate goal is transforming Calgary into Canada’s most livable region by maximizing the potential of our natural competitive advantage – the active economy.

Below is the ActiveCITY Summit 2019 report. This is is a summary of the input and feedback from the ActiveCITY Summit. This is only the start. The most common question we have been asked is – “what can I do now” and we have tried to answer that in the final section, with our call to action.

Over the next year, the ActiveCITY Collective, with the leadership of our community, will engage a minimum of 65,000 Calgarian’s to develop an ActiveCITY Playbook – a collective vision and framework for maximizing the potential of our active economy and to transform Calgary into Canada’s most livable region. The final section of this report provides a roadmap on how you can help lead the transformation of our ActiveCITY Collective.

This report thus includes:

Section 1: Thinking Different: Exploring Calgary’s Active Economy

Section 2: Acting Differently: Shaping the Future of Calgary’s Active Economy

Section 3: A Call to Action. Your Turn to Lead.


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