Building an Integrated ActiveCITY Plan

As a grassroots community initiative, the goal of ActiveCITY Calgary is to work with all Calgarians to develop an ActiveCITY Calgary vision and framework to maximize the coordination and alignment across our ecosystem. A framework that is evidence-based and anchored in growing Calgary’s active economy. This ActiveCITY Calgary planning process will run from March 2019 to December 2020 and include multiple opportunities for community and ecosystem engagement.


The ActiveCITY Project is a collaboration of community partners and scholars exploring the active ecosystem and the active economy, including sport, sport business and health & wellness.

Today, the active ecosystem is rich in data and evidence. But the challenge is this evidence is highly fragmented and does not provide a holistic lens of an active ecosystem. As a result, both policymakers and practitioners face a difficult task of trying to understand how this active ecosystem and economy contributes to both economic and societal value.   

Our goal is to map the active ecosystem and the active economy to enable policymakers and community and business leaders to shape ecosystem-level solutions to maximize the impact on the economic and social prosperity of our country, province and community.   


The ActiveCITY Project and ActiveCITY Calgary are open for anyone who is passionate about increasing collaboration and connections across our diverse active ecosystem. If you would like to roll-up your sleeve and get involved in ActiveCITY, please register for ActiveCITY 2019 on September 18th.