What are Fastbreaks?

A key request across the diverse players in Calgary’s active economy was to create opportunities to build a stronger active community by creating more opportunities for networking and learning.

In response, the ActiveCITY Collective will be hosting a series of Fastbreak workshops in 2019-20. These workshops will be member driven and hosted and will cover a broad range of topics of interest to our members.

Examples of some potential Fastbreak topics may include:

  1. How to you create sport sponsorship value?

  2. What are ‘best of class’ case studies for maximizing facility revenues?

  3. What are emerging trends that will impact the active economy?

  4. What are “best of class” case studies for active programming?

  5. How can marketing analytics increase loyalty and results?

  6. How can we get more kids active and staying active in multiple sporting activities?

  7. What are some ‘best of class’ case studies on the business case for public funding of new sport infrastructure?

  8. How can science, sport and business work together to maximize community goals?

  9. What are some ‘best of class’ case studies of cross-gender health & wellness, sporting and active recreation activities?

  10. What are ‘best of class’ case studies for capacity building for sports and active recreation groups?

  11. How can active organizations innovate and pivot?

Regardless of whether you are currently engaged in organized sports, active recreation, tourism, professional services, professional services or sport betting or any of the incredibly diverse elements of our active economy - there will be opportunities to learn and collaborate with your peers.

Who can attend fastbreaks?

All ActiveCITY members are invited to attend Fastbreak workshops.

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Would you like to be involved?

If you’d like to suggest a specific Fastbreak topic you’d like to see, or host a Fastbreak session,

please contact David Finch at dfinch@mtroyal.ca